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Massachusetts police officers graduation

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Your terrific study experience requires that you follow these 4 steps:

1. CLICK “Audio Seminars” in the navigation menu underneath our logo.


  • Make only 1 purchase per day due to refresh capabilities of the app.
  • There is no benefit to buying everything at once. All audios are “a la carte” with a built-in discount.
  • Select carefully. NO REFUNDS.

3. DOWNLOAD the free FluxPlayer app.

  • The button appears automatically after purchase. Just click it.
  • Complete the one-time log-in for app using the same email and password created for your purchase.


  • Click the cover photo of the audio you want to hear.
  • Click “Start Download.” Wait until you see "Download Finished". It takes between 2-3 minutes to download.
  • On mobile: from “Download” screen, click “Titles” option at the bottom.
  • Click cover photo. Then press “Play.”
  • Each audio segment starts automatically after 5 seconds. Just wait. Don’t keep clicking.
  • On mobile: to see the Table of Contents click the “open book” openbook.png icon in upper right corner.

Municipal HRD Exam Candidates!


Law Manuals sold on LED’s website. Management texts on Amazon.

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